The Star Wars Shotgun UTS-15

Gun Review: UTS 15 Marine 12 Ga.

Warships have a wide array of weapons that can be used against attackers but merchant ships and private yachts are far more limited. Let me add the caveat that when I was doing private protective work I saw yachts equipped with heavy machine guns that could chop most attacking craft to pieces but that was the exception ... read more Thanks to TACTICAL-LIFE.COM for this great article

37- Top 6 Shotguns From Guns&Weapons LE

Rounding up the tactical shotguns gracing the pages of GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT magazine! Please click here for more Thanks to Tactical-Life

36- Hands On The High-Capacity UTS 15

Dennis Adler says "The next-gen UTS 15 bullpup shotgun from UTAS redefines versatility- it's perfect for law enforcement, home defense, hunting and more!" To be able to read more this great article please click here

35- Check out misc. shotguns list on GunsAmerica

UTS 15 Kryptek Mandrake included the listing of Gunsamerica misc. shotguns Check out this listing from below link: GunsAmerica Misc. Shotguns Listing / UTS 15 Kryptek Mandrake

34- US Bullpup Community has UTS 15 as their poster gun!

US Bullpup Convention is an annual weekend gathering to celebrate the firearms platform known as the Bullpup! thanks to them using UTS 15 as their cover photo on facebook page.

33- Top Shotguns in 2014

Thanks to for this great article TOP SGOTGUNS IN 2014 by Jorge Amselle please click here to read the article.

32- Best of the Bullpups - UTS 15

Thanks to the Tactical-Life selected UTS 15 in a "Top 10 Compact Shotguns" If you are wondering this list here is the digital link:

31- New World Of Tactıcal Shotguns

"Another shotgun that looks like it comes from a science fiction movie where heroes battle hordes of murderous machines or mindless zombies is the UTS-15 from the Turkish firearms company UTAS Makine. Built under license in a new facility in Des Moines, Iowa, by UTAS-USA, the UTS-15 is a pump-action bullpup design that incorporates a lot of polymer — over 85 percent of the gun including the molded receiver." You can read more this great article from below link. Thanks to Shelby Murdoc from Shooting Sports Retailer Details

30- Shootıng Illustrated Mar14 Uts-15 On The Cover

"It's a changing world out there, and the challenges to our safety we face today are different from only a decade ago. Just look at the headlines. Terrorist attacks or natural disasters coupled with inadequate response from local authorities can leave thousands to fend for themselves. The looming threat of a manmade disaster or economic collapse poses the potential for social unrest. Any of these scenarios can result in large gangs of looters or worse. In today's world, staying safe and keeping your family protected requires a plan—and the means—for dealing with the threat of multiple attackers.Given that concept and based on the gun's 15-shot capacity alone, the new UTS-15 pump-action shotgun from UTAS USA is a compelling option for defensive situations." You can read more this great article from below link. Thanks to Bryce M. Towsley from SHOOTING ILLUSTRATED magazine. Details

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Utaş Hakkında Products Aksesuarlar

Utaş Makine

UTAS is a Turkish company specializing in firearms design, engineering and OEM manufacturing. Arguably, UTAS is one of the top sporting firearms design companies with their designs being voted "Gun of the Year" by the NRA's American Rifleman Magazine in 2006 and again in 2007. Although UTAS continues to win awards for beautiful designs, the heart of the company is innovation.

Innovative mechanical design, innovative manufacturing processes and innovative materials used in firearms production, define UTAS and set the company apart from other's in the firearms industry. Along with numerous patented design innovations, the new UTS-15 shotgun recently developed by UTAS will be the first shotgun every produced with a receiver produced 100% from polymer. In fact over 80% of the gun is fabricated from fiber reinforced injection molded polymer. Of course using new lightweight materials in firearms has to be backed up with solid engineering and that's exactly what UTAS does.

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